Office Integration

qa_quotes_timemattersAs Certified Consultants, we can assist you with implementing Timeslips to specifically meet your firm needs. Our approach is three-fold. First, we meet with you to assess your current billing system and how to integrate it with Timeslips. We also assess your computer system to determine readiness for installation and configuration. Second, we install and configure Timeslips based on your specifications. This includes actual installation of the software, as well as configuration of defaults, bill templates, and integration with third-party accounting packages, report packages and electronic bill auditing services. Finally, we offer customized training services for each Timeslips user. This investment in training significantly reduces lost productivity and the builds confidence of each user. As Timeslips Certified Consultants, we are dedicated to developing the best invoicing system for your firm.

What Can Timeslips Do For You?

Are you a lawyer, accountant, consultant, graphic designer, architect or individual/firm who needs to track their time and bill for it? Do you currently track the time you spend on phone calls? Do you track your research time? Do you bill for your assistant’s time if they are doing work on behalf of a client? Do you manually track multiple tasks? Are you re-entering appointments from your Palm Pilot or other Time Management Program into your current billing system? Are you manually entering your payments, expenses and invoices into your accounting program?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES!, then you will :

  • Save time by reducing “double entry” of time Increase your billable hours by an average of 25% Transfer information into your General Ledger with a few easy steps
  • Track time “at the time” easily and effectively within a flexible program

Billing with Timeslips

There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct package for your office. Some of the common aspects are: ease of use and user-friendly interface, customization so that you can mold the product to work in a manner consistent with your professional needs, and quality customer support.

As both users and consultants of Timeslips, we feel the product will surpass your expectations in these three areas extremely well. Timeslips offers a range of levels pertaining to, but not limited to, the size of many firms.

Timelips Express is a version focused around the solo professional and smaller firms.

Timeslips Standard offers unlimited timekeepers and is geared to meet the needs of mid-size firms, allowing for such things as more practice management reporting and a larger client base.

Timeslips Enterprise targets larger firms and employs the features demanded by these firms, including conflict checking, retainer accounting, fee allocation as well as accounting link functionality with over 40 of the most popular accounting packages on the market today.

All versions of Timeslips are network-ready and offer many components to track time while on the road, interact with case management applications and sync with Palm Pilots.

Existing Timeslips Users: If you have an older version of Timeslips, you are missing out on the incredible advancements that have been made in recent years. Call today to find the best solution for your office.