Association Management Services

An association is defined as an organization of persons having a common interest.  The goal of a professional association is to provide a quality professional development experience. Experience is defined as the conscious events that make up an individual life.  Each association we work with plays an integral role in impacting the professional life of its entire membership.

Our approach with every association we serve is to be an integral part of their success. This is accomplished through a true partnership between the Board and Q&A Business Solutions. By outsourcing tactical operations, the board can focus on strategic initiatives. Clear communication of the organization’s goals and objectives and a teamwork approach to implementing strategies used to achieve those goals is necessary for this success. We proactively seek ways to promote each of the organizations we work with in terms of membership, programs, and special events. We take a vested interest in their success.  As they grow, we grow.

This has been our approach for 27 years. The experience of our staff is as versatile as the projects we handle. We have extensive technology and an expansive knowledge on a variety of software packages including word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, and financial packages.

Our services include: